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Thank you for your interest in CCZ!

Circle City Zymurgy is very active in the Indianapolis brewing community. We brew for competitions, beer festivals, and personal enjoyment. Our club is very inclusive. We can all learn from each other, so we have a pretty open forum for discussion at our meetings. Our meetings bounce around from venue to venue (brewery to brewery, cidery, etc). We cover any success stories from the previous month, spend some time discussing a brewing tip, events and special tappings around the city, club fundraising, and then our own upcoming events (we typically pour at beer festivals and other events). While a big chunk of what we do revolves around beer, we try to cover all forms of fermentation (meadmaking, cidermaking, cheesemaking, pickles, etc). There are several members in the Broad Ripple area, but we have members all over the city. An easy way to see what is going on is to request access to our Facebook page and watch the events section of our webpage. When we founded CCZ we wanted to make something different than what was out there. We are incredibly proud of what we’ve done so far. Our club’s future is still forming! If you are interested in joining Circle City Zymurgy, there is no better time than the present 🙂